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Your buyer might be across the street or across the globe.

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About Dennis Denev

Foreign Relationship Sales Team Leader

For almost a decade now, I have been a real estate entrepreneur and investor. I continue to open new markets for my clients through creative presentation of domestic properties to investors throughout the world. As the founder of our company, I have been working with investors from China, Russia, Eastern and Western Europe who want to expand their portfolios by investing in US properties.

My team knows the investment targets for these clients and can match their needs with your property, quickly and efficiently. We know the needs of local buyers as well. We are always active in Manhattan sales and have a great track record with new developments in pre-construction phase, and re-sells at buildings such as: The Link, The Orion, The Centria, etc.  We transact with knowledge, with experience, with commitment, and with passion.

We are not a business conglomerate with an agenda of interests. We do not think of you as a number. Once you become our client and join the family, you are our only priority. We will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. We offer all the professional help you may need to finalize the sale of your property; from getting legal assistance to dealing with mortgage contracts, from due diligence on board approval packages to contract signing. We work with you to avoid and/or limit any concessions. We offer truly personalized service. Whether potential buyers are local or international, whether they want to reside or invest, whether they are experienced with realty or need assistance, we provide the best opportunity for you.

About HighRiseNY

High rise NY was created and became to fruition in order to fulfill a need in the current market which is to connect foreign investors with local sellers and developers on the most efficient possible way.

We have organized our business on adequate manner; hence, we fulfill strategic purpose in combining marketing with innovative technology in order to bring the best outcome to sellers, buyers and developers at the same time. We connect the dots in a way to promote growth, stability and security to our customers.

Different groups of foreign investors quickly became our most loyal clients.  Building trustworthy relationship with us, they hired us long term in order to pursue the purchase of apartments in new developments with strategic locations throughout the city.

High Rise NY