Is Now the Right Time for You to Invest in a NY Apartment?

February 17,2015 | By Robert Moses

Are you considering making the transition to real estate investment? Investing in apartments for sale in NYC can certainly be a profitableventure, but there are also risks involved. As a result, you might find yourself hesitating to take the leap. There are certainly many factors to take into consideration, including whether you have the financial resources to do so and whether you are prepared to bea landlord. 


Maintaining a Rental Apartment in New York City 

If the idea of maintaining more than one property at a time is holding you back from investing in apartments for sale in New York City, it is important to keep in mind that you do not have to be a handyman to be a landlord. Options abound. For instance, you will find that many tenants are willing to perform minor maintenance in exchange for lower rent. Some tenants are even willing to tackle large renovation projects for reduced rent. 

What if you are not local? Apartments for sale in NYC are becoming an increasing popular investment option for foreign buyers, but purchasing rental properties as a foreign investor can present some unique challenges. For instance, you will need to consider how you will manage the property, including how you will collect rent. The good news is that you do not need to be local to manage your property effectively. Contracting a rental manager can prove to be an excellent solution, ensuring that your properties are managed professionally and helping eliminate any problems before they begin. 

Understand Your Responsibilities as a Landlord in NY 

In considering whether you are ready to make the transition to being a landlord, it is a good idea to research the local landlord-tenant laws so that you can understand your responsibilities. If you are considering condos for sale in NYC, be aware that a co-op building will typically require approval prior to allowing you to move in a renter. 

It's also a good idea to think about why you're considering buying an apartment or condo in NYC as an investment property. Are you interested in generating an additional revenue stream? Does the idea of investing in real estate to save for retirement appeal to you? Are you perhaps looking at a NYC apartment to use as an investment property today and a home for your children once they are ready to attend college in the future? Maybe you are looking at renting out the property now and living in it yourself later. Whatever your reasons may be for investing in New York luxury apartments, it is important to understand why you are doing it. Understanding your motivation can help you design a solid plan, including a potential exit strategy for some point in the future. 

Proper planning and research can help you determine whether now is the right time to invest in an apartment for sale in NYC.