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Our statistics show that one-third of condos in Manhattan are purchased by foreign investors. We bring these investors to you. We are experienced in international real estate purchase and investment, and fully knowledgeable and equally experienced in selling local New York properties. We combine local real estate markets with foreign and local investments. We ensure the largest pool of potential buyers and the best prices through competitive shopping of your property, your building, your neighborhood and your city. All are assets that we represent and market on your behalf to get you the best return possible on your investment. We present your property professionally and efficiently in order to find a cash buyer and close within 30 days of signing a contract.

We combine investment services with state of-the-art marketing techniques such as 360° video and professional photography to show your property in the most attractive way possible. Online marketing provides more awareness and convenient, 24-7 access to all the features and benefits of your property, and 3-dimensional floor plans and virtual tours bring the realism of "being there." We have immediate access to our network of buyers to facilitate due diligence and expedite the selling process for you. This means faster responses and more offers.




Revolutionary technology these days is everything!


Are you a developer who's in the process of developing a residential or commercial property in New York City?

NYC is bustling with new developments, but the ultimate success and profitability of a project requires a talented real estate marketing team; one that brings real results, while ensuring the highest possible return and a marketing strategy which engages foreign investor's capital.

HighriseNY is one of New York City's premiere boutique real estate company which offers unparalleled integrated solution to developers. We are a team of experts who combine marketing, real estate services and technology in one.

It's not only our passion and expertise that sets us apart. As entrepreneurs and investors, we know what matters to our developer clients. We understand that our clients demand an innovative, cost effective approach that delivers a high return. We deliver truly personalized service to meet your unique needs as a developer in one of the world's fastest-growing markets.

What's more, we maintain a constantly-growing network of international investors who are continuously seeking to expand their investment portfolios by purchasing new properties in NYC. It's these connections that enable us to move properties in a fast, efficient manner, with an innovative approach and cutting edge technology that serves to maximize returns for developers and property owners alike.

Dennis Denev and the expert team at HighriseNY know what matters to local developers. This knowledge and expertise has enabled us to implement technology and proprietary software program that enables developers to cut costs, boost their advertising and marketing power, while accelerating sales during the pre-construction phase.

HighriseNY can serve as marketing solution while utilizing new cutting edge technology where in the meanwhile we can also be your choice of exclusive brokerage, so you can enjoy safe, efficient and transparent transactions. Here's a look at a few of the many benefits that you'll enjoy when you work with our professionals.

Unparalleled Virtual Property Sales Experience

We know that technology is changing the industry every day; therefore, we believe that our technology can make a difference and offer more effective and transparent manner of accessing a wider pool of prospective buyers while cutting back on your expenses. Our solution allows for easy experience when directly marketing to investors in China, Russia, Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe. (around the globe.)

Virtual Showrooms

We've developed cutting-edge virtual showrooms and exclusive web-based marketing materials that drive sales in a big way. We work with developers on a regular basis, so we know how to promote a property using realistic renderings of the property during the pre-construction and construction phase. Plus, our pool of property investors is actively seeking to acquire new developments, so our real estate professionals will present your development to qualified cash buyers who are ready to expand their portfolios.

Local and International Marketing

We maintain a network of foreign investors who are eager to receive information about your new NYC development project. So we'll not only get in touch with our investors on your behalf; we'll also promote your property to our local investors and buyers. It's these connections, combined with our marketing power, that allow us to bring unmatched results to developer clients like you.

Evoking an Emotional Response in Potential Buyers

Our unique property marketing approach, which includes the usage of virtual showrooms and web-based virtual tours, has statistically proved to evoke a strong emotional response in prospective buyers. This can increase sales with more than 30%.

Innovative, Out-of-the-Box Approach

Today's real estate marketplace is very different from that of just a decade ago! Our team at HighriseNY believes it's essential to use an innovative, forward-thinking approach to real estate sales, while simultaneously leveraging the latest technology. Our exclusive software system serves to fulfill your needs as few others can achieve.

Data and Analytics Access

Our proprietary technology solutions provide developers like you with unprecedented access to potential leads and marketing exposure on a very unique way. This technology also provides us with the agility we need to tailor and perfect our marketing approach for your property. However, we don't stop here! The data analytics tool will give you synchronized information on a very eloquent way, so you can easily keep track on current sales and adjust the marketing strategy in order to respond to newly created conditions.

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