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Our statistics show that one-third of condos in Manhattan are purchased by foreign investors. We bring these investors to you. We are experienced in international real estate purchase and investment, and fully knowledgeable and equally experienced in selling local New York properties. We combine local real estate markets with foreign and local investments. We ensure the largest pool of potential buyers and the best prices through competitive shopping of your property, your building, your neighborhood and your city. All are assets that we represent and market on your behalf to get you the best return possible on your investment. We present your property professionally and efficiently in order to find a cash buyer and close within 30 days of signing a contract.

We combine investment services with state of-the-art marketing techniques such as 360° video and professional photography to show your property in the most attractive way possible. Online marketing provides more awareness and convenient, 24-7 access to all the features and benefits of your property, and 3-dimensional floor plans and virtual tours bring the realism of "being there." We have immediate access to our network of buyers to facilitate due diligence and expedite the selling process for you. This means faster responses and more offers.


Foreign Investors & Buyers

We are an in-house solution for busy investors who would want the security of NYC real estate


Are you an investor who's seeking a new addition to your real estate portfolio? Are you seeking to purchase a property in one of New York City's finest buildings or in a new development?

Most of our clients are foreign investors who purchase properties in NYC on a continuous basis. If you are investor who would like to work in cooperation with real estate professionals, you are in the right place!

Our experience guarantees results and we take pride to be one stop shop offering extensive services to our clients.

With years of experience and a rare depth of knowledge about the workings of the NYC real estate market, we're well positioned to help you find and purchase the perfect property in a transparent, safe and private manner.

At HighRiseNY, we work with a broad array of different buyers, from those who are seeking a new home, to international real estate investors who are looking for a great investment in NYC real estate. We specialize in condominium and coops re-sales, new developments, and pre-construction purchases.

In fact, we have members on our team form China, Russia, and Eastern Europe who routinely work with a network of elite international investors and buyers, so we are familiar with the logistics and etiquette.

HighRiseNY is different compare to our competitors. Over the years we have tailored our services to cater mostly to the needs of our international investors; therefore, we maintain a network of the finest accountants, financial advisors, and attorneys who are available to provide advice and services to overseas buyers and investors.

We take pride in delivering some of the world's most elite real estate investors with the services they need to expand their property portfolio, while boosting profits and bringing impressive returns.

Buying Property in NYC with HighRiseNY

HighRiseNY provides multi-faceted solutions to our clients. We are known for our results. Our team is highly motivated, goal driven and always in service to you!

Identifying Your Goals

We understand that NYC offers a broad real estate market and there is a bit of everything. We'll work with you to identify your real estate investment and/or property buying goals. Once we understand what you're seeking in a property, we'll get to work, providing you with all the necessary resources and data.

Cost Analysis

We'll provide you with a detailed, multi-faceted cost analysis for the properties you're considering. As one of the exclusive real estate brokers, we have handled transactions in many luxury condominium towers, new constructions and a great deal of other properties. We know and work closely with big and small developers throughout the city. Providing you with valuable information and connecting you with the right people is our priority.

Here at HighRiseNY, we have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to the value and investment potential of the properties within NY area. We'll evaluate cash flow and appreciation over time, while helping to reveal any hidden costs or expenses.

LLC Solutions

Many of our foreign investors prefer to establish an LLC when purchasing investment properties in the United States. We take pride to be known as a one stop shop. Our in-house attorneys are experts in the field and they will work to prepare the necessary paperwork and walk you through the process of establishing an LLC prior to the purchase of your property.

Real Estate Law Services

Here at HighRiseNY, we work with some of the finest NYC real estate attorneys, who are available to assist you with any issues that arise before, during or after the purchase of your property.

Real Estate Tax Services

As foreign investors, you might have questions in reference to USA taxes and law. Real estate taxes are a matter which requires an advice from qualified personnel. Our team maintains great relationships with accountants who are familiar with all financial and real estate tax questions which you might have. We can offer you a free consultation in order to better budget your real estate investment.

Property Management Solutions

Since many of our clients are real estate investors, located overseas in Asia, Russia and beyond, we also provide a full range of property management solutions. After the purchase of your property is finalized, we can furnish and lease the property for you. Hence, you can enjoy the returns on your investment, without the hassle and worry associated with overseeing the property.

We are committed to providing our clients with the information and services they need to enjoy a transparent, fast, secure and worry-free property buying experience. We go the extra mile to ensure your dealings remain private and confidential.

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