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Our statistics show that one-third of condos in Manhattan are purchased by foreign investors. We bring these investors to you. We are experienced in international real estate purchase and investment, and fully knowledgeable and equally experienced in selling local New York properties. We combine local real estate markets with foreign and local investments. We ensure the largest pool of potential buyers and the best prices through competitive shopping of your property, your building, your neighborhood and your city. All are assets that we represent and market on your behalf to get you the best return possible on your investment. We present your property professionally and efficiently in order to find a cash buyer and close within 30 days of signing a contract.

We combine investment services with state of-the-art marketing techniques such as 360° video and professional photography to show your property in the most attractive way possible. Online marketing provides more awareness and convenient, 24-7 access to all the features and benefits of your property, and 3-dimensional floor plans and virtual tours bring the realism of "being there." We have immediate access to our network of buyers to facilitate due diligence and expedite the selling process for you. This means faster responses and more offers.



Potential Sellers

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When selling your apartment in a competitive market, you have to make sure that your property stands out. As a seller you have to be equipped with the proper tools in order to impress the right audience of prospective buyers or investors. Our combination of products and experts in the filed can help you achieve that while saving you money and time.

HighriseNY works exclusively with Orion, Centria and Link. Those buildings so far have been the most preferred choice for investment by our local buyers and foreign investors.

High-rise NY specializes in providing exclusive and professional solutions to clients who want to resell their condominium apartments in one of those three properties. This makes HighriseNY a top pick among property owners who need exclusive representation and expert assistance on a timely fashion.

As an owner, you want to sell your property in a prompt manner, while securing maximum returns.

Based on our ongoing success and high volume of sales at the Orion, Link and Centria, we have built a solid network of private local and foreign investors. This network is growing and we have a constant influx of people who are always looking to acquire new properties and further develop their portfolios.

Whether that would be one of our foreign investors or a local buyer, HighRiseNY guarantees to find you a qualified prospect.

HighRiseNY is renowned among his clients for his dynamic, goal-oriented approach. These are just a few of the qualities that have allowed HighRiseNY to raise above the rest of the companies in the city.

The Benefits of Selling Your Property with HighriseNY

When you appoint us to sell your NYC property, you'll get equipped with a number of perks for your benefit.

A Complementary Market Analysis

You'll receive a free market analysis, so you can evaluate the current market conditions and get acquainted with the competition.

Yes, selling your property is not an easy task and you have to be aware of your competition.

We will stream the most accurate data in order to estimate the best possible price and calculate all the positives and negatives in the upcoming transaction.

However, at HighRiseNY, we don't estimate the asking price based on standard square footage equation formula like most real estate agencies do.

We use a different metrics system which takes under consideration all of it – apartment upgrades, additional expenses, views, highest possible price and numerous other factors which account for the most accurate final asking price of your property. We understand that your home is unique, so its sales asking price.

In HighRiseNY, we learned how to evaluate homes, so that you can get the most satisfaction and highest return on your investment.

Complementary Comp Reports

Since most of our work volume takes place at Orion, Centria and Link, we have access to the most up to date information related to recent sales reports in those buildings as well as in the whole midtown West neighborhood.

Property Staging and Real Estate Photographs

We pride ourselves to be experts in the field, and we only hire the best people to be our partners. Our associates who have made a name for themselves in the field of interior design and photography will assist with property staging to ensure your property looks and feels its best, impressing prospective buyers in a dramatic way. Our purpose is not only to highlight the best features of your apartment but also to evoke its personality.

Premium Marketing Services

Being involved in the industry for a long time, we noticed that most real estate agencies follow a generic way which does not necessarily bring ultimate results. HighRiseNY makes a difference/ breaks the boundaries in order to abolish the state of stagnation. We bring forth a more adequate approach of marketing which involves innovative presentation, groundbreaking technological aspect and broad capacity to access untapped resources. Our marketing techniques bring elegance and elevate the process of selling to a new aesthetic standard.

Competitive Positioning

Advertising your property in the standard local market places could bring results but HighriseNY was created to surpass the average. Advertising your property throughout our own network of foreign investors has proved to bring outstanding results. We compliment the general approach by supplementing it with synergy of a higher level.


We work with local and foreign investors who are mostly cash buyers. Our experience and connections bring those to you for an expedient transaction.

Innovative Approach

We implement advanced marketing techniques equipped with superior technology to give your property the competitive edge needed.

Local Knowledge

As the exclusive provider of real estate solutions to property owners and prospective investors of properties in the Orion, Centria and Link, we have in-depth knowledge of the neighborhood which can be used to promote your property in an optimally effective manner.


Depicting your property's identity is our priority but matching it with the right audience of potential buyers is our biggest strength. This guarantees your chances of securing a quick sale at the highest possible price.

International Exposure

We take your property at another level by exposing it to a big international investor's audience.

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